Call for Abstracts

The Special Program will be held at the 95th Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Occupational Health in May 25-28, 2022, Kochi city, Kochi, Japan for the International Symposium on Asian Occupational Health.

Japan Society for Occupational Health encourages speakers from overseas to submit an abstract of clinical and basic research at the Special Program for International Symposium.

Deadline for abstract submission

January 11, 2022 at 12:00 pm (Japan Time)

Application Requirements

【Researchers applying from overseas】
  1. Participants should be below the age of 40 years, engaged in the field of occupational health from overseas.
  2. Participants can submit only one abstract (as first author)
  3. All oral speeches at International Symposium will be presented in English.
  4. Title should be 200 characters or less including space, in English.
  5. Abstract should be 300 words or less, in English.
    Registration cannot be completed if the number of characters exceeds the specific number.
  6. Best young researchers from overseas will be selected as a symposiast and will receive a Best Young Researcher Award, a modest Prize money (30,000yen) and its certificate.
  7. The participation fee and abstract registration fee are exempt.
【International students applying from Japan】
  1. International students or researchers do not have an age limit.
  2. The participation fee and abstract registration fee are not exempted but the Conference dinner is. In the various applications on the conference registration form, please select the status of Student for the registration fee (7,000yen). Please also pay the abstract fee of 2,200 yen (Conference dinner fee is exempt, so please do not select it.)
    Please apply here
  3. Abstract registration is required.
    If you are unable to enter the appropriate Hiragana in the middle of the name field, please follow the example below brackets and enter さんえい たろう(Sanei Taro).

Additional Information

  • Travel expense will not be issued since the convergence of Covid-19 is unpredictable, we have decided not to invite international winners to Japan this year.
    Selected symposiasts will give presentations online.
  • The International Committee will technically support the registration of those who have not been selected for the symposiast but wish to present in a general presentation.
  • The international committee reserves the right to adopt or reject submitted the presentations.
  • Best Young Researchers Award adoption results will be notified by March 2022.


Questions concerning abstract submission, should be direct to the below e-mail address.

International Conference Administration Bureau
Dpt. of Environmental Medicine, Kochi Medical School, Kochi University
Ms. Miyako Sumida